For each bird species we have 2 Tummyrite products:
Tummyrite™ Standard (Inclusion rate 20g/kg of seed, soft food or sprouted grain)
Tummyrite™ Plus (Inclusion rate 50g/kg of seed, soft food or sprouted grain)


• Improves the digestibility and utilisation of feed
• Provides some vital key nutrients
• Aids in reducing the disease challenge to birds
• Assists the bird’s own natural immunity against disease
• Enhances the bird’s natural gut microflora

In addition to these benefits, TummyRite™ Plus contains added calcium and electrolytes, ideal for skeletal development, maintenance, egg shell formation and for proper muscular functioning. Look for the blue stripe in the top left hand corner of the packet with the words “added calcium and electrolytes”.

TummyRite™  & TummyRite Plus have benefits and uses for Budgerigars, Canaries, Parrots, Finches and Softbills and other bird aviaries. Contact us for more info on the benefits.

Technical Inquiries & Sales contact:
Dr. Michael Evans Principal Avian Nutritionist, 0418 659 423.