TummyRite™ products are Avian supplements, supplying essential Vitamins, Minerals and Key Nutrients for Birds

The key components in TummyRite™ products are the result of more than four decades of research and development in avian nutritional supplements by one of Australia’s leading experts. – Dr Michael Evans.

First graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Poultry Technology (with Honours) in 1972, Dr Evans has worked for many years with Australia’s leading poultry and feed companies.

He also has almost two decades of experience in developing and manufacturing diets for the organic poultry, livestock and feed industries which DO NOT permit the use of Drugs, Medicines, or Antibiotics.  Instead, natural supplements must be used to achieve the best results.

During his career Dr Evans has completed a Masters Degree in Animal Production specialising in Avian Nutrition from the University of Reading in the UK, and a PhD in Poultry Nutrition from the University of New England – Armidale.

Since 2014, Dr Evans has turned his attention to other avian species. He has conducted extensive research and development into a range of natural supplements that enhance the activity of favourable gut microflora in birds, to nutritionally balance diets and enhance the natural immunity within the bird.

By carefully tracing the results of his scientifically-formulated supplements on bird breeding, growth and longevity, he has found the best combinations for your birds.

The TummyRite™ range is the culmination of his scientific investigation and lifelong experience.

TummyRite™ products deliver these three proven benefits:

1.   Improved digestibility and utilisation of feed – your birds will get more nutrition out of every feeding than before
2.   Provides vital key nutrients – poor quality bird feeds consist of fillers that look appetising but contain little nutritional benefit. Our products are formulated to give birds from every species exactly what they need across the entire nutritional spectrum
3.   Improved Gut Microflora increases resistance to disease and enhances bird immunity

When used correctly, breeders have reported:
1. Increased plumage development and quality
2. Faster growth
3. Better skeletal development
4. Better egg shell development
5. Increased hatch rates and successful rearing
6. Faster flight times

Technical information is available on each product page.

Our bird vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements are used by all kinds of bird owners, from professional pigeon racers to championship bird breeders and single bird owners keeping their feathered friends in the best of health.

As an added bonus to TummyRite buyers, Dr Evans can be contacted directly for technical questions related to the use of TummyRite™ in achieving healthier, faster, happier birds.  He’s only too happy to help you get the most out of your aviary.

You can call him on 0418 659 423.

We have produced two TummyRite™ products to suit every species:

1. TummyRite™ Standard can be used as an everyday supplement to your regular bird food to keep your birds in top condition
2. TummyRite™ Plus with Calcium and Electrolytes included is an intensive avian supplement for those that do not wish to add these separately

Recently, we have added a range of other products to the TummyRite range
1. StartRite™ is our complete hand-rearing formula for chicks from 0-14 days old. It contains everything your new chicks need.
2. Prosperity is an all-in-one bird food that includes TummyRite supplements and can be fed to breeding birds who feed it to their offspring all the way through to mature body weight.
3. Apple Cider Vinegar lowers the pH levels in the bird’s gut, restricting the growth of harmful bacteria while promoting better digestion.
4. CalciRite™ is a bird calcium supplement that aids skeletal development and eggshell development in laying birds of all species. Feed it a month before and during egg laying or as a separate calcium supplement.
5. Hemp Seed Oil delivers essential Omega 3 and 6 oils and beneficial fatty acids for maintaining the integrity of the mucous membranes (first line of immune defence), acting as an antioxidant and can improve egg size.
6. FlyRite™ is specifically formulated for racing pigeons. Used by professional racers, its formula delivers more power to the pigeon for longer, increasing your pigeons’ competitiveness and recovery.

We have a range of natural bird health products to keep your birds healthier than ever.  Browse our Shop, or Contact Us for more information.