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R&R_RITE - Racing Pigeons 900g

R&R_RITE - Racing Pigeons 900g

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R&R_RITE™ contains a range of nutrients critical to the maintenance of the Racing Pigeon during the Rest and Recuperation phase. Racing Pigeons need the correct nutrients to allow them to replenish their reserves in preparation for the next race. The maintenance of body tissue condition is critical, as is maintenance of feather condition, to ensure the Racing Pigeon is best prepared.

R&R_RITE™ is a Rest and Recuperation supplement fed in conjunction with Applied Nutrition’s recommended R&R_Rite™ Grain Mix (Coming Soon). R&R_RITE™ is a nutritional balancer product designed to assist Racing Pigeons to rest and recuperate before the next race. Fed after the birds return from racing for 3 days.

The Racing Phases during the Racing Cycle
Prior to the first race you should move into the Racing Phase Cycle for the pre-Race training period 3 to 4 weeks before the first race. I am assuming racing takes place on a Saturday
Phase 1 - Rest and Recuperate Phase – R&R_Rite Grain mix with R&R_Rite™. This Rest and Recuperation phase starts immediately after the birds return from the race. This phase is allowing the birds to recuperate their body reserves in preparation for the next race. Depending on how often you race these birds, keep them on this fortified R&R_Rite Grain Mix. This phase goes usually from Saturday afternoon or evening until the first feed on Tuesday.
Phase 2 - Racing Phase – Pigeon Race Grain Mix with FlyRite™. Feed from the Tuesday evening feed until the feed before basketing usually Friday night or Saturday morning.
Phase 3 - Replenish Phase – Water (Immediately), CalciPlus™ (Immediately), R&R Grain mix with R&R_Rite™. This Phase overlaps Phase 1 and is designed to give key nutrient replenishment to the birds to avoid major fatigue setting in. CalciPlus™ provides energy and a highly available Calcium source as well as a Probiotic to flood the bird’s GIT with favourable bacteria after being in contact with birds not for their own loft.  CalciPlus™ also provides many other key nutrients as well. Feed the CalciPlus™ product as-is for 24 to 48 hours in a flat dish on the floor of the loft and then remove it. Continue to feed R&R Grain mix with R&R_Rite™.
Go to Phase 1 – This begins usually on a Saturday Afternoon/Evening.

Inclusion level of 90g R&R_Rite, 20ml Sunflower/Hemp Oil, 890g Seed Mix to make a total of 1kg mixed product

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