About Us

“To provide all sectors (organic, free range and conventional) of the livestock (cattle, sheep and goats), poultry, pig, rabbits, horses, pet food, aviculture, aquaculture and stockfeed industries worldwide with specialised independent nutritional management and strategic planning services and expertise in order to achieve improvements in livestock performance, to promote the efficient and strategic use of scarce feed resources, to minimise feed costs through informed ingredient purchases, and above all, to improve the economic prosperity of our customers”. - Mission Statement

 APPLIED NUTRITION PTY. LTD. is an animal, avian and aquaculture nutrition consultancy company providing nutrition, formulation and raw material planning services, feed commodities, feed additives and manufactured products for the organic and conventional livestock and aquaculture industries.  We specialise in developing customised feeds and supplement products for our client’s farmed livestock operations, as well as pet food supplements for the aviculture and companion animals. Applied Nutrition Pty. Ltd. specializes particularly in the development of organic feeds and supplements and products that do not contain antibiotics or drugs. 


 1.  Customised product development and routine feed formulation for a range of livestock species (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, horses, rabbits, pets, aviculture, zoo and exotic species), including aquaculture species (silver perch, Murray cod, barramundi, shrimp, prawns, trout, salmon) to meet the special circumstances of each of our clients.

 2. We have developed a range of balancing supplements for a number of species of birds for the Aviculture Industries as follows:

a.  Our TummyRite™ and TummyRite™ Plus range of products (budgerigar and other parakeets, parrots and lorikeets, finches and softbills, canaries, pigeons and show poultry) are designed to provide nutritional substrates and nutrients which allow for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract in birds. They help to maintain a healthy tummy micro-flora and provides for improved digestibility of the major nutrients in the diet. They also contain essential key nutrients such as essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals for good health and wellbeing.

 b. Our PROSPERITY™ (fed to breeding birds) and STARTRITE™ (hand-rearing formula) are completely balanced foods for young passerine and psittacine birds, formulated to meet the nutrient requirements of young growing birds. The ingredients in Prosperity™ have been specially chosen for their high digestibility. Prosperity™ contains a range of multi-enzymes, vitamins, major and trace minerals, organic selenium, prebiotics, nucleotides and key essential amino acids.

 See the data sheet on Tummyrite™ for information on the components. All of these components are important for proper tissue, feather and skeletal development in young fast growing birds.

 3. Short and long term raw material planning for livestock and feed mill operations using highly specialised feed formulation software (Single-Mix, Multi-Mix and Global-Mix). Raw material planning is one of our specialities.

 4.  General nutrition advice and feed programmes.

 5.  Manufacture Customised Organic and Conventional Bag-A-Batch Supplements for all livestock.

"There are no drugs, antibiotics or medicines allowed in our factory or used in our supplements"


Dr Michael Evans is Applied Nutrition’s Principal Nutritionist and Company Technical Director. Dr. Evans is an Applied Poultry/Avian/Aquaculture/Animal Nutrition Practitioner. The advice he gives and the products he develops are based on the research results from the scientific literature published in scientific journals, technical books and field studies in the public domain, as well as information generated in-house, such as from laboratory analyses.

Dr. Evans’s initial degree was in Applied Science – Poultry Technology graduating with honours from the Queensland Agricultural College at Gatton, now the University of Queensland, graduating in 1972. He worked for the Queensland Department of Primary industries in Poultry extension and research (Animal Research institute) where he specialised in Poultry Nutrition and during his time there formulated research diets and practical diets for poultry producers. He published a book on the Nutrient Composition of Feedstuffs available for the Pig, Poultry and Feed Industries in Queensland. Dr. Evans completed his Master of Science degree in Animal production at the University of Reading, United Kingdom and during that time he was able to study in more detail the nutrition of poultry and other livestock including pigs, dairy and beef cattle, sheep and horses.

Dr. Evans worked for a feed company in New Zealand and became involved in the nutrition of Aquaculture species namely, shrimp (operations in New Caledonia) and Salmon (operations in the South Island, NZ). At the end of 1988 he studied at the University of New England, Armidale, NSW, and was awarded his Ph.D.in Poultry Nutrition in 1993. During that time he started his own Animal and Aquaculture Nutrition consultancy business, APPLIED NUTRITION PTY. LTD. and has been working for himself since then. He has worked and was a consultant to numerous feed milling and poultry and livestock operations in Australia.

Over the years he has had, in addition to his work in Australia, numerous consultancies in overseas countries including New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji, Cook islands, Tahiti, Solomon Islands, Myanmar, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

He has a keen interest in the nutrition of aviculture birds and nutritional biochemistry. His scientific background in nutrition has a major influence on his approach to the nutrition of livestock in general and his approach to the development of products for feeding aviculture birds.

He has built his own bird room and a six‐flight aviary, and keeps a range of bird species, including finches, budgerigars, canaries and Japanese quail and has hands-on practical knowledge in feeding aviculture birds.