Crop Feeding Needles (Curved)

Crop Feeding Needles (Curved)

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Stainless Steel Crop Feeding Needle

18 gauge  - total needle length including the hub - 65mm(+/-2mm)
16 gauge  - total needle length including the hub - 70mm(+/-2mm)
14 gauge  - total needle length including the hub - 95mm(+/-2mm)
12 gauge  - total needle length including the hub - 105mm(+/-2mm)
10 gauge  - total needle length including the hub - 125mm(+/-2mm)
8 gauge   - total needle length including the hub - 150mm(+/-2mm) 
Guide to Medication and Feeding:
Bird Species Bodyweight Crop Volume Needle Size
Finch 12 - 20g 0.5mL 18 gauge
Canary 20 - 25g 0.5mL 18 gauge
Budgie 35 - 50g 1-2mL 16 gauge
Neophema 40 - 50g 1.5 - 2.5mL 16 gauge
Cockatiel 80 - 90g 4 - 5mL 14 gauge
Eastern Rosella 80 - 110g 5 - 10mL 12 gauge
Princess Parrot 100 - 120g 5 - 10mL 12 gauge
Galah 300 - 350g 10 - 20mL 10 gauge
Pigeon 300 - 500g 30 - 60mL 8 gauge
White Cockatoo 600 - 900g 30 - 50mL 8 gauge
Reptile Species Weight>> Volume Needle Size
Lizard Juvenile (eg Beardie). Weigh Pet 1-4mL per 100g BW 14 gauge
Lizard Adult. Weigh Pet 5-8mL per 100g BW 8 gauge (6 inch)
Snake Juvenile. Weigh Pet 1-4mL per 100g BW 12 -14 gauge
Snake Adult. Weigh Pet 8-10mL per 100g BW 8 gauge (6 inch)



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