Collection: Canary Food, Supplements & Vitamins

Keep your Canaries in top shape and best colour with our comprehensive range of Canary Food Supplements. 

Formulated from more than 40 years of study into avian nutrition, our Canary supplements provide all the uncommon vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you’ll need to raise and keep gloriously-coloured, happy canary flocks.

From StartRite™, our hand rearing formulation through to TummyRite™ Plus with Calcium + Electrolytes, our Canary Food supplements are tailored to your canaries’ dietary needs.

The TummyRite™ range is used and recommended by canary breeders Australia-wide.  Numerous show-winning canaries have been fed our products prior to their wins.

Detailed technical information is available on each product page. Explore our range below or contact us for more information.