PREMIUM Canary Seed Mix with TummyRite Plus

PREMIUM Canary Seed Mix with TummyRite Plus

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PREMIUM Canary Seed Mix with TummyRite Plus is a complete Premium Bird Seed food for all classes of Canaries designed, with added TummyRite Plus, to achieve the following objectives that you will not achieve from a seed only diet.

  1. To improve the digestibility and utilisation of the main seed components of the food of canaries i.e. seed.
  2. To provide some key nutrients (including the major minerals, Calcium and Electrolytes, important for skeletal development and growth and amino acids important for maintenance, feathering, and growth) that are not provided in many of the seed types fed to canaries.
  3. Provide some natural feed components, such as herbs and yeast functional fibres which have anti-microbial and binding actions to reduce pathogen numbers and thereby help to reduce the disease challenge to birds.
  4. To assist the birds to develop their own natural immunity against disease challenges.
  5. To enhance the bird's natural gut micro-flora by providing the necessary substrates/nutrients for these favourable micro-flora to flourish.


Bird Seed Mixes on their own are deficient in a range of essential nutrients important to the health and well being of canaries, These nutrients include amino acids, calcium, selenium, vitamins, and trace minerals to name a few of the most critical nutrients. Birds cannot function on seed alone so we need to supplement their diet from other dietary sources to correct the nutrient deficiencies in seed. In the wild, birds achieve this through extensive foraging. This may involve taking insects and their larvae, grazing clay pans for minerals and other plant seeds and vegetation. In captivity, birds cannot forage extensively and so rely on us to plug those deficiencies in seed to meet their daily nutrient requirements.

PREMIUM Canary Seed Mix with TummyRite Plus functional objectives are achieved through its seed mix composition and its 50+ key nutritional components added, including:

  • Multi-Enzymes.
  • Prebiotics
  • Key Essential Amino Acids
  • Nucleotides
  • Natural Nutritional Herbs and their Extracts
  • Natural Yellow and Red Carotenoid Pigments
  • Vitamin, Trace and Macro Minerals (Calcium and Electrolytes) and Organic Selenium
  • Highly Digestible Protein Meal
PREMIUM Canary Seed Mix with TummyRite Plus is composed of one or more of the following seeds, including Canary Seed, Japanese Millet, French White Millet, Red Panicum, Yellow Panicum or Panorama, Mycotoxin Binder, Silica and TummyRite Plus for Canaries.



PREMIUM Canary Seed Mix with TummyRite Plus should be fed freely, 'as is' to your canaries. Expected seed consumption can vary from 5 g to 10g per bird per day. Clean water should made available to the birds at all times.

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