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TummyRite for Budgerigars & Parakeets

TummyRite for Budgerigars & Parakeets

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TUMMYRITE™ FOR BUDGERIGARS AND OTHER PARAKEETS is a nutritional supplement for all classes of Budgerigars & other Parakeets designed with five main objectives:

  1. To improve the digestibility and utilisation of the main components of the food of graniverous, insectivorous and nectarivorous birds i.e. seed grains insects and nectar.
  2. To provide some key nutrients that are not provided in many of the main feed components fed to birds.
  3. Provide some natural feed components, such as herb extracts and yeast functional fibres to help the birds cope with disease challenges.
  4. To assist the birds to develop their own natural immunity against disease challenges.
  5. To enhance the bird's natural gut micro-flora by providing the necessary substrates/nutrients for these favourable micro-flora to flourish.


TUMMYRITE™ FOR BUDGERIGARS & OTHER PARAKEETS functional objectives are achieved through its key nutritional components including :

  • Multi-Enzymes.
  • Prebiotics
  • Key Essential Amino Acids
  • Nucleotides
  • Natural Nutritional Herbs and their Extracts
  • Natural Yellow and Red Carotenoid Pigments
  • Vitamin, Trace Minerals and Organic Selenium
  • Highly Digestible Protein Meal


TUMMYRITE™ FOR BUDGERIGARS AND OTHER PARAKEETS has a very low inclusion rate of 20g/kg of seed or soft food, (see brochure for details).

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