TESTIMONIAL - Tummyrite for Poultry - Tony Mills

Hello Everyone,
Brian Bohl has just returned from a trip to Maitland where he met up with his long-time friend Tony Mills. Tony is a Show Poultry Breeder and specialises in soft feather Poultry breeds including Pekins, Ancona, Wyandottes and Langshans. Tony has been showing poultry since 1972, is an ex-President of the Pekin Club of Australia and currently the Show Secretary/Secretary for the Ancona Club of Australia. He is a poultry judge and has judged the Ancona variety at the Sydney Royal 6 times and 6-7 times at the club title level. He is currently the Vice President of the Rare Breeds Poultry Club of Australia. His has co-written a book on Pekins in Australia.
During Brian’s visit to Tony he recorded the following video and unsolicited testimonial from Tony on his use of Tummyrite™ for Poultry product. Tummyrite™ for Poultry product is fed at 20g per kg of final feed (desert spoonful to 1 kg of final feed).
Thank you Tony for allowing Brian to have access to your Poultry Breeding shed, for your feedback, and allowing Brian to record your experiences over the last 12 months with our Tummyrite™ for Poultry product. For details of our Tummyrite products see the technical section on our web site on www.tummyrite.com.au and for sales see our shop at the same web address. Michael.



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