Testimonial from Rod Warrington on Tummyrite

This video clip is an unsolicited testimonial from Rod Warrington, an experienced Budgerigar Breeder and retired Budgerigar Judge, about his experiences with Tummyrite over the last 11 months. The testimonial was recorded by Brian Bohl. Please note the vibrant health, well being and vitality of Rod's birds. Also note the excellent quality of the feather and feather colours. Rod indicates in the testimonial that he stopped feeding Tummyrite for about 3 weeks just to see what would happen when birds are sent away for shows and aren't receiving Tummyrite. The bird's health and well being deteriorated during that 3 week period. He then returned them onto Tummyrite and their general health and well being improved. It is also worth noting that the quality of the baby chicks he is producing is excellent. Thank you Brian for recording the testimonial and to you Rod for sharing your experiences with us. Michael.

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