I received an unsolicited testimonial from Matt a Pigeon Flyer as follows: 

"To whom it may concern

Just thought i would give you some feed back on your product. 

My son caught a wild rainbow lorikeet that couldn't fly in our yard . Not sure that the bird may have flown into a window . 

So not having any feed for lorikeets we gave it prosperity for a week till we could find some food . The bird started eating it on the first afternoon and survived quite well that week . 

From there i have been feeding it to our racing pigeons right through the moult and the birds are it fantastic condition with a real shine to the feather . They really liked to eat it and when i topped up the dish they would all line up to get some . So obviously easy on their palate.  

I just bought some more and you put in some Calciplus in my order . I will try this through our coming race season . An interesting product . 




Prosperity is good for birds in the breeding season to add to their grain mix or feed separately in a dish. It is also a good product for during the moult for feather development when protein requirements are high during feather replacement.

Thanks Matt for your encouraging feedback.


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