Testimonial from Bev Bohl

Just following on from my previous post, the following is an unsolicited video testimonial from Bev Bohl taken in her bird room by husband Brian. (Brian is more excited than Bev on her first year achievements as a Novice Budgerigar breeder). Bev is showing us the quality of her birds after being fed on Tummyrite from the very beginning as a Budgerigar breeder (since January 2016). Bev also feeds Prosperity to her breeding birds and to her newly fledged young ones. She has also been "topping up" her young birds after hatching with StartRite. Note the quality of the feathering in these birds. Present is also Rod Waddington an experienced budgerigar breeder who has been mentoring Bev during her first Novice year. Rod is featured in previous video posts and feeds Tummyrite to all his birds. Thank you Bev for your testimonial. Michael.

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