Jeff Stammers hand-rear feeding young canaries on StartRite

This video is an unsolicited testimonial recorded by Brian Bohl in the bird room of experienced canary breeder Jeff Stammers concerning his experiences with Tummyrite, Prosperity and our hand-rearing formula StartRite. Jeff has been using Tummyrite in all his birds now for just over 12 months and has been using Prosperity for about the last 3 months. Based on his encouragement he asked me if i could develop another product similar to Prosperity but with much finer ingredients so he could hand-feed his chicks. The resultant product was StartRite. StartRite has the same nutrient specification as Prosperity but has much finer ingredients. It is mixed with water into a slurry and can be fed via a spoon (Jeff demonstrates this in the video), a syringe or crop needle. Note, Prosperity and StartRite are completely balanced foods for young birds. Prosperity should be fed to your breeding birds one month before breeding to give the best breeding results. StartRite is for hand-rearing or "topping-up" chicks. Thank you Brian for recording the testimonials and to you Jeff for allowing us into your bird room and showing us your hand-feeding techniques. Michael.

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