Jeff Stammers hand-rear feeding young canaries on StartRite 2

Again, this is another video recorded by Brian Bohl in Jeff Stammers' canary bird room. Jeff's comments to me recently is that he has observed the growth of the birds and the feather colour and quality have been exceptional compared to previous years. He puts this down to Prosperity and StartRite as a major contributing factor. This highlights the importance of feeding high quality, well-balanced diets to breeding birds and their chicks at an early age. Altricial birds are born blind and helpless but they grow incredibly fast. To achieve this fast growth they require good quality protein with a range of essential amino acids in the correct balance. They also require calcium and phosphorus to build a good skeleton. Prosperity and StartRite have all these nutrients. Thank you Brian for recording this and Jeff for your feedback and allowing us into your bird room. Michael.

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