Local is Cheaper!

Local is Cheaper!

Brian Bohl has asked me to post the following comment with regard to his research into avian supplements being sourced from overseas. Thank you Brian for your support of local manufacturers. Comments would be welcome about Brian's views..

"Comments regarding avian supplements from overseas suppliers.
Having written a canary column for a well known Australian Avian magazine plus spoken on the subjects of avian Nutrition, Fertility, Supplementation and other avian subjects at many avian venues over the past five years, I believe my knowledge and awareness of avian nutritional products available to the Australian bird fancy allows me to comment on the status quo of the nutritional supplement issue.

It intrigues me why so many fanciers opt to seek out nutritional supplements from overseas suppliers when a significant number of manufacturers and suppliers of high quality avian supplements are available here in Australia.

In the past 12 months, a number of fanciers have approached me with enquiries about various avian supplements and having a technical formulating background led me to look closely into the products mentioned.

It was quite evident that none of these overseas products were unique in their content and a good number of Australian avian products covered each and every product offering from an international manufacturer.

There is no doubt as to the quality, efficacy or reputation of these overseas avian supplement and bird food manufacturers but by the time these products have been imported into Australia and distributed through various channels to the end user being an average Australian bird fancier, many of these products are close to a figure of $100 per kg.

Overseas manufacturers and suppliers particularly noted during my investigation were companies from the UK and USA.

Having personally used and been involved with the Applied Nutrition’s range of products (TummyRite™, TummyRite Plus™, Prosperity™, StartRite™) I can guarantee that the Applied Nutrition spread of products will counter every nutritional product in the overseas manufacturers’ range both in quality, efficacy and in most cases at between one quarter to one fifth the purchase price to the consumer being the average bird fancier.

I would encourage bird keepers and breeders to contact Applied Nutrition (a local Australian Company - 0418 659 423) prior to looking at overseas brands of products. You will save yourselves a significant amount of money. Food for Thought."
Brian Bohl
26th January 2017

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