Applied Nutrition is pleased to announce the release of its New Protein Concentrate Range of Products for Show and Commercial Poultry.

The EZI-Range of Protein concentrates are designed to be blended with cracked (chicks only) or whole grain (wheat or maize). Whole grain feeding of poultry has both nutritional and health benefits and been shown consistently to assist bird to cope with coccidiosis and other disease challenges.

Dr Michael Evans, the developer of the EZI-Range of Protein Concentrates is a great supporter an advocate for whole grain feeding in poultry which have gizzards very capable of processing and digesting whole grains. Gizzard development is critical for gut function, nutrient digestion and has clear health benefits.

The EZI-Range of Protein Concentrates are blend with the whole grain at a specific rate and are designed to fill the gaps in the nutrient composition in the grain and balance the range of essential amino acids in the diet to meet the specific requirements of the birds at certain physiological stages in their life.

The EZI-Range of Protein Concentrates contain components that aid the bird to develop its own natural immunity to disease challenges and to digest major feed components.

All the Protein Concentrates contains:

  • A range of nutritional herbs and herb extracts for good health and wellbeing.
  • A range of prebiotics for the maintenance of a favourable gastrointestinal tract micro-flora.
  • A range of enzymes for increased digestion of grains and other major feed  components and beneficial nutrients.
  • Essential key amino acids for building body tissue and feather protein.
  • Essential key vitamins and trace minerals for health and wellbeing, and when fed at the recommended rate, to meet the bird’s daily nutrient requirements.
  • A highly digestible and quality protein, with nucleotides and with minimal anti-nutritional components.
  • Yeast for added B-complex vitamins, trace minerals and a high quality protein.

The EZI-Range of Protein Concentrates is suitable for all poultry specifically for show poultry but also for backyard poultry, commercial layer and broiler flocks. Suited to Poultry Breeders who feed their birds whole grain mixes.


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