Applied Nutrition is pleased to announce the release of its new product for Racing Pigeons called FLYRITE™

FLYRITE™ is a nutritional balancer product designed to assist Racing Pigeons to reach their racing capability and potential. The product contains a range of nutrients
critical to maintenance of the Racing Pigeon Flyer condition, feather growth and maintenance, good health and wellbeing.

Converting food components into usable free energy for Racing is important for the optimum performance of the Racing Pigeon.

Key additives such as exogenous enzymes assist the pigeon to digest the food components and neutralise the anti-nutritional carbohydrates such as non-starch polysaccharides (NSP).

Basic food components such as sugars, starch and fats are then made freely available to the metabolic pathways to release free energy for the pigeon.

The first step for the high performance Racing Pigeon  lyer is proper digestion and utilisation of the main food ingredients in its diet.

The second step is to balance the protein coming from the main food ingredients in order to ensure the proper development and maintenance of tissues and feathers and to reduce excesses of unusable protein which costs energy to remove and therefore provides less energy for racing.

FLYRITE™ contains a range of key essential amino acids and high quality proteins, including nucleotides, to achieve this proper balance and aid with tissue repair and feather replacement during racing.

The third step is to aid the pigeon to cope with disease challenges it will encounter as it is mixed with other pigeons during the racing season.

FLYRITE™ contains several natural ingredients, such as prebiotics, herb extracts, oregano, and yeast-functional fibres designed to increase and proliferate the number of favourable microflorae within the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). GIT health is critical to pigeon racing performance.

The product will be released for sale at the Australian Pigeon Convention and Charity Day held in Sydney at the end of March. 2019 and On-Line on our shop at


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