New Product - Ratblitz

New Product - Ratblitz

We are excited to announce a new product Ratblitz in our Disinfection and Biosecurity product range.

Ratblitz is a non-grain based pest control poison that specifically targets rats and mice, not humans or other domestic animal species.

An uncontrolled rodent population can cause immense damage and expense. Mice and rats and eat up to 10% of their body weight per day. Based on a colony of 5000, this equates to 75 tonnes of grain lost per year.

Additionally, rats and mice can carry disease into both human and animal populations and cause machinery damage. Machinery damage and chewed wiring can be costly, or be safety hazards.

RCI has supplied animal health products and feed additives to food producing animals throughout Australia, New Zealand and other countries since 1957. We use this product in our Aviary and Bird and look forward to supplying Rablitz to our customer base.

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