New Product - Apple Cider Vinegar with OREGANO

Applied Nutrition is pleased to announce the release of it new product Apple Cider Vinegar with OREGANO.

Our Oregano essential oil is derived from the Wild Oregano plant (Origanum vulgare). For the last 14 years Applied Nutrition has used Oregano essential oil in powdered form in our organic poultry feeds. As an aid to management both forms of application, powder and liquid have been used to assist organic and free range poultry to cope with disease challenges. Since April 2014 we have included Oregano essential oil in powdered form in our Tummyrite™, Prosperity™ and StartRite™ range of products.

We are now introducing the advantages of both products Apple Cider Vinegar with Oregano Essential Oil, as an aid to management, to assist livestock, horses, poultry, pigeons and aviculture birds to assist in the coping of disease challenges.

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