APPLIED NUTRITIONS TummyRite™ range of products goes international for the first time and is now available to New Zealand Bird Keepers and Breeders via our online Shop at We have just received notification from the New Zealand Authorities that our TummyRite™ range of products, plus our other products including Prosperity™, Prosperity™ for Red Canaries, StartRite™, FlyRite™, LoriRite™ are approved for importation into New Zealand.

This approval means that New Zealand bird keepers can now buy direct online via our online shop at Documentation will be provided to New Zealand Authorities with the products being imported to ensure a trouble-free passage into New Zealand.

If any of our Australian customers know of New Zealand bird keepers and breeders interested in purchasing our products, please let them know or you can let me know and I will send them some information. Please seek their permission to pass on their details to me. You have my permission to pass on my details and the details of our online shop.

Thank you to all our customers for your support.

Dr Michael Evans, Avian Nutritionist, Applied Nutrition Pty Ltd.

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