Ezi-Grower - Pullets and Cockerels

Ezi-Grower - Pullets and Cockerels

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EZI-GROWER - Pullet/Cockerel Grower Protein Concentrate is designed for Pullets and Cockerels from 6 weeks of age to 16 weeks of age (sexual maturity).

Growing pullets and cockerels from 6 weeks of age to sexual maturity need significant nourishment to develop properly and grow.

Applied Nutrition’s EZI-GROWER - Pullet/Cockerel Grower Protein Concentrate when blended as recommended with whole wheat provides an ideal bird grower feed designed and developed to provide a complete compliment of nutrients, protein, key essential amino acids, vitamins, trace minerals and major minerals to support good tissue, feather and skeletal development.

EZI-GROWER - Pullet/Cockerel Grower Protein Concentrate functional objectives are achieved through its key nutritional components including :
  • Organic non-GMO Expeller Soybean Meal
  • Multi-Enzymes.
  • Prebiotics
  • Key Essential Amino Acids
  • Nucleotides
  • Natural Nutritional Herbs and their Extracts
  • Yeast Functional Fibres
  • Vitamin, Trace Minerals and Organic Selenium
  • Highly Digestible Protein Meal

EZI-GROWER - Pullet/Cockerel Grower Protein Concentrate contains components that aid the bird to develop its own natural immunity to disease challenges and to digest major feed components.


Applied Nutrition’s EZI-GROWER - Pullet/Cockerel Grower Protein Concentrate should be blended with whole wheat in a ratio of 300 g of EZI-GROWER - Pullet/Cockerel Grower Protein Concentrate to 700g of whole wheat to make 1 kg of a complete Pullet/Cockerel Grower feed.

Scale appropriately for larger quantities of complete feed.


Available in 4.5 kg and 20 kg packs.


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