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Prosperity™ Bird Starter

Prosperity™ Bird Starter

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PROSPERITY™ is a complete balanced food for young passerine and psittacine birds, formulated to meet the nutrient requirements of young growing birds. The ingredients in Prosperity™ have been specially chosen for their high digestibility. Prosperity™ is an egg and biscuit alternative that contains a range of Tummyrite™ multi-enzymes, vitamins, major and trace minerals, organic selenium, prebiotics, nucleotides and key essential amino acids. See the datasheet on Tummyrite™ for information on the components. All of these components are important for proper tissue, feather and skeletal development in young fast growing birds.

Prosperity™ can be fed dry, mixed with a small amount of water to make a crumble or  mixed with a large amount of water to make a very runny slurry. Feed in a separate container from seed. Replace daily or if soiled. Suitable for all species including Canaries, Parrots, Parakeets, Finches, Budgerigars. Prosperity for Pigeons is specifically formulated for the Pigeon breeding cycle. Prosperity for Red Canaries is available for Red Canaries.

It is recommended that Prosperity™ be fed before breeding at pairing and fed separately until the chicks have fledged. Thereafter it can be also blended with seed 30% seed 70% Prosperity™. Once the young birds are feeding on their own and separated from their parents, feed 50% seed 50% Prosperity™ until the bird reach their mature body weight. Once the birds reach their mature body weight feed seed blended with Tummyrite™ at the recommended rate. Prosperity™ can also be fed to adult birds during to assist with nutrients during moulting.

Note: there is sufficient calcium in Prosperity™for the proper growth and development of the chicks. However hens may need additional calcium if they are still laying eggs. The addition of extra calcium in the water is recommended or if feeding calcium in the water is not convenient feed Tummyrite™ Plus, which contains calcium and electrolytes, instead of Tummyrite™ Standard.

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